Blessings and Hello to you my friend.
My name is Ashita and I 'am here to help and guide you through all your troubles and problems.
I am a very powerful Spell Caster and a Wiccan Healer. As an infant and a very small child I was always attracted towards unknown and mysteries of nature and of this world. As I grew up slowly and slowly all the mysteries were unfolded in front of me and I became aware of all the elements, energies and forces which rule and govern this world, cosmos and universe.
As a small speck in this huge energy field I feel blessed and happy that I know the sacred art of healing, spell magic ,reiki, candle magic ,affirmation , mantra power ,beauty and aromatherapy.
I also make use of Tarot, Runes and Feng Shui. I am concerned about nature and with the guidance of moon goddess and elements I walk on the path shown to me by my mentors.
I make use of one or mix and match more than one tool to gain the desired results and with this I am able to help, heal and solve the problems of body, mind and soul. With my sharp 6th sense and my consciousness which was there even before I came into this world everyday I’m discovering something in all the energy here in different shapes and form .My calling came at a very early age and I understood that I’m meant to walk on a different path .With excellent academic achievements I hold in my hands the power of elements with whom I intend to heal and help whoever wants to.
To change negativity into positivity, to cleans any area, match making, healing, bringing harmony in relationship, to attract love, friends, wealth, health and happiness I am always ready to extend my knowledge.
Contact me for guidance/advice/help and you will see the magic which will change not only your life but also of all those around you.
Confront in me all your genuin problems and by the grace of the moon goddess I’ll be able to guide you and find a solution to it.
I not only offer my services but also study courses for those who need it.