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Tarot are used as a tool to look into the future and also for knowing the past (root cause) and of the problems. Careful study and analysis leads to a perfect answer of the problem/ question when asked. Tarot cards - Tarot is a deck of cards which originated 500 years ago in North Italy. First they were used in a game called ‘Triumphs’ but soon they were used as a tool for divination. They are used as a guide to help you make any decision and as a tool to look into the past, present and future of any problem /situation. They are highly accurate and aids in coming into contact with ones higher self. If you have anything into your mind, it will be there on the cards. They give you direction and in-depth knowledge. These cards can be read in different layouts, focusing on your needs and according to the questions asked. They are read with focused questions, clear mind and with great respect. These cards can be used for solving problems, self improvement, meditation, handling situations, visualization and for future telling. The deck is divided into two parts. The Major Arcana cards, they form the base of any reading and hold deep meaning to any given situation. They contain information from different cultures and their correct interpretation is a must. There are images on each card and they are used as a source for meditation, insight and for solutions. It is important to study these and contemplate their correct message. They give you deeper knowledge from the powerful sub-consciousness. The other part consists of the Minor arcane. They are very important and consists of four suits namely Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. Each suit represents different aspect and different element. They share knowledge for day to day problems of life. Each suit consists of fourteen cards from Ace to Ten and four Court cards. They show practical aspect and current issues of life and they give beneficial advice.

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