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Candle magic- The dancing flame of a fire have influenced and fascinated man since ages. Fire rituals like burning a candle is one of the most important part of many celebrations be it a birthday candle , candles on x-mas tree ,candles used for aromatic or therapeutic purposes ,or burned in remembrance or to welcome someone/something. The history of candle and candle magic is very old, as old as the discovery of fire. It is a tool of the common person who desires to make his/her life better. The day man invented fire he has shown a deep respect and fear for it. The fire can help as well as destroy. Fire is considered sacred. Candle absorbs one’s personal energy and releases this energy when burned. Candle magic is one of the most simplest and easiest to use, also it is very-very effective. For color magic color of the candle, time to put forth your energy and intentions are of utmost important .Remember the law of return ,if you do good it comes back to you magnified three times and vice versa. Always remember good or genuine intentions manifest faster and are in accordance with the rule of nature. Candles are used for creating magic to fulfill our hearts purest desires. When used with an intention a simple candle changes into a strong tool of magic. Burning candles with desire and intentions bear fruitful results.

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