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Know the Goddess in you: Wicca: is more than a religion; it is a way of life. It helps connect you to all the energies around you, vibrating at different levels in different shapes and forms. The twin deities are known as father god -who rules during the winters and is the male aspect of energy the other aspect of this same energy is the mother goddess who is all powerful, calm, comforting, nourishing and rules during the summers. By listening and carefully attuning ourselves to nature we can get in touch with these powers, which are used to solve many problems of modern living and in promotion of health, happiness and peace. What is Wicca? For many long years people have misunderstood the meaning of this word .They have imagined ugly old hags flying with a cat on a broomstick or an old weary face ,wearing long pointed hat and stirring bubbling cauldron uttering some mysterious words ,worshipping Satan or simply doing evil ,but in reality wiccans

who follow Wicca are lovers of nature .They know how to worship it, safeguard it and bend it according to their own free will following the wiccan rede "An ye harm none ,do what ye will" Do wiccans worship Satan? NO, they worship nature and as I have written earlier they worship nature in the form of father god and mother goddess. Their worship has all positive things in it. Wicca reveres twin deities coz its link with nature, as in nature we see both aspects of both gender-male/female, yin /yan similarly they worship mother goddess and father god . Are wiccans magicians? They are not magicians, in fact Wicca is a way of life and wiccans find and admire magic in almost everything . They live close to nature, are more eco- friendly, with love for all soul dwelling in every and any form. They follow their one universal rule “Do not harm others as well as yourself”

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