Past life regression

Past life regression


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I offer ‘A journey into the past life’ :You enter a room full of people and you are instantly drawn towards one of them, exchange greetings and start chatting. Suddenly, you realize that both of you share something common, you feel as if you have met this person earlier, though this is just your first meeting…….. Think of another incident, you enter a room full of people and as soon as you see this one person you develop a disliking instantly for her/him. This person is introduced to you but your feelings are repulsive, though this person tries to be sweet and friendly….. Someone who has never been to a certain place feels a strong pull towards it, it seems all the places and people, the culture, language, and food fascinates you. Why? Strong feelings negative or positive like fondness, attraction, phobia, obsessions, and compulsive disorders can be due to some past life remembrance which our sub-conscious mind was unable to forget. That old feelings, real like dreams, split personality can be a case of past life. I use techniques such as questionnaires, suggestions hypnosis and guided meditations to smoothen any troubling nerve. It mostly takes one or sometimes more than one session. Each session is safe and accurate.

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Past life regression
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Trilok kumar jha, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
Very soft spoken and convincing reading.Highly recommend.